Bridal Makeup By Raine Tauber

Posted on May 29 2018

Bridal Makeup By Raine Tauber
Bridal Make-Up, what are your thoughts? Would you hire a professional make up artist for the day or would you venture to do your own? If you choose to do your own do you feel confident enough to pull off the look you desire? We chat with Raine Tauber Celebrity Make-up artist, with 16 years industry experience both local and abroad with about her tips and tricks for bridal makeup.
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Not to worry we have some key points summarised here for you:
We are seeing more experimental brides currently, brides are open to creating a look completely unique for their special day. They are pushing the boundries of what is expected as bridal makeup. I am increasingly being asked for bright lip colour and holographic glitter eyes. Brides want to be the the most magical version of themselves - who can blame them - it's their wedding day!!!
Raine's top tip is all about skin prep! 
Remember to keep hydrated, always drink lots of water, this isn't just something you do in preparation for your wedding, always drink loads of water to keep you skin looking happy healthy and glowing!
Before you begin ensure you start with a clean canvas then moisturise your face and neck thoroughly - this will aid in the smooth application of your foundation. 
Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone! Remember your foundation needs to match the colour of the skin on your face and neck - so this is where you need to do a patch test (do not patch test to match the colour of your hand - this is not the same and will end up making you look like you are wearing a mask ) 
Apply foundation with a foundation brush, start at nose (this is where you want the most coverage) and work outwards toward your hairline.
Spot conceal any blemishes using a brush then pat in and blend with your fingertips. Never forget that your fingers are tools too!
The "C" word thats on everyone's lips or should we say cheeks ;) ... CONTOURING.
Raine says she tries to stay away from contouring make up, as this is actually theatrical make up and dramatically transforms your face. Raine advises that make-up should rather be used to sculpt the face. By using bronzer just under cheek bones in a blended triangular shape, around the hairline and a touch on the nose and forehead enhancing natural beauty.
Add sparkle and shine with an iridescent highlighter that shows luminous colours that seem to change when seen from every different angle. Apply this to the apples of cheeks, brow bone and a minimal amount to the cupids bow of the lip.
Raine is all about natural beauty and she absolutely loves full natural brows, brush these backwards, fill in the brow with natural strokes using a fine brow pencil then brush into place using a brow gel, this will keep them in place for the whole day.
Create full voluptuous lashes by starting at the base of the lash, wiggle the brush to deposit mascara at beginning of the lash and then move the brush outwards. Raine recommends bending your wand as this allows you to apply the mascara from an easier angle. Remember it's your wedding day, this means nerves, tears, heat, possible rain/mist/moisture, you will want to make sure that you choose a waterproof mascara to ensure you don't look like a racoon by the end of the night. 
The finishing touch, lips also need some prep love, use a primer to begin to ensure lips are moisturised apply desired lip colour. Some things to consider when you are choosing your lip colour for the day - Staying power vs comfort choosing a lip colour based on staying power means that the lip colour will last longer for the day but this tends to be dry and can leave some discomfort whereas choosing a smooth application lip colour will leave the lips feeling hydrated and much more comfortable, but this does mean you would need to keep your lip stick handy or designate it to one of your bridesmaids and re-apply at regular intervals.
Want to learn more? Raine Tauber offers regular bridal make up workshops where you can learn how to do a full face, receive a goodie bag and have any questions answered on how to achieve you dream look. 
Find out more about Raine's Make up workshops or book her for your wedding day make up -


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