How to be Bridal Appointment Ready


Congratulations, you’re getting married!
It’s time to find your dream dress, the most exciting time ahead but can also be nerve racking!

Here are a few tips before you begin the search:
Start by jotting down information that you will need when contacting wedding dress designers, boutiques or dress makers.
This should include:

Your budget – You should have an idea of your financial limit. This will be one of the first questions asked before or during a bridal fitting.  Remember that your wedding dress budget should also leave room for other accessories you will wear on your day including: shoes, jewellery, suitable undergarments, and hair accessories (a veil, flower crown or a special clip)

Your style – Are there specific styles that you love? Find a wedding dress designer or boutique that resonates with this.

What is your time line? Are you planning a year in advance or are you getting married in just a few months? Designers and dress makers usually need around 4 – 6 months to produce a dress. If you are getting married in just a few months (or even weeks) you will likely need to find somewhere that stocks easily accessible, ready to wear bridal pieces like Blackeyed Susan’s Ready to Wear Bridal that can be bought directly off the rail instore or online.

The location of your wedding – this will impact your dress choice and styling. Are you getting married on a beach or in the forest? A long dramatic train will not suit this venue as it can be easily damaged and dirtied. Church and indoor venues allow for more opulent dress styling

What should you take with to your first fitting?
Which shoes you will be wearing on your day, heels or flats? If you have not yet purchased your shoes, bring along a pair with the heel height that you intend wearing on the day.
Ensure you wear nude underwear on the day, dark colours can easily be seen through a white dress and distract from the final look.

Remember – Once you find your dream dress, stop shopping. Trust your instincts and be confident in your final choice.

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