Made Of Mettle - Wedding bands and Jewellery for your Big Day!

Posted on June 22 2017

Made Of Mettle - Wedding bands and Jewellery for your Big Day!
We LOVE the beauty of simplicity in Made of Mettle’s design. Elegant modern contemporary engagement rings and wedding bands for both men and women. We are chatting to Tracey Jane Lotter from Made of Mettle about choosing wedding jewellery for your special day.
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Tell us more about Made Of Mettle and the services you offer:
My first experience with a significant piece of jewellery, was an engraved pendant I inherited from my father, an engagement gift from my mom, he had worn and never taken off until he passed away.
The sentiment, significance, symbolic nature and the ability jewellery has, to enhance both men and women’s natural beauty is what inspired me to follow a career designing jewellery. After completing a degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacture, at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, I went on to do a three-year mentorship, making and designing fine jewellery at Aliverti Jewellers.
I started Made of Mettle in 2011, looking to challenge an ever-changing craft by designing innovative luxury jewellery, combining age-old techniques and modern technology to create unique pieces.
The services I offer include hand crafted techniques, wax carvings and CAD renderings to create engagement rings, innovative gent bands and a broad range of custom made jewellery as well as remodelled heirlooms, inspired by my client’s desires and ideas.
What inspires you when it comes to making timeless pieces for a client’s big day?
The symbolic sentiment of the union, the promise of love and that which makes each client special in their own way.
Where do you find inspiration when designing?
Sacred symbols, long walks in natural surroundings, music and poetry.
Are there any major trends for 2017 in jewellery design that you are inspired by?
I am loving the rose gold trend and particularly enjoying finishing off pieces with a beautiful milgrain detail, giving it a modern twist with an old-world feel.
Can you give some advice when choosing an engagement ring?
Choose a jeweller that will give you options to suit your specific needs, by taking into consideration your lifestyle, activity level and budget

Can you help a client choose and design a wedding band to match/ fit with their engagement ring?
If having both, the engagement band should be designed from the beginning with the wedding band in mind – I am finding that my clients choose either a standout engagement ring to be worn on its own or a simple and elegant engagement and wedding band set
Do you make men’s wedding bands?
Yes, I design and make a variety of men’s wedding bands. From rings with sleek and clean lines, to more rustic or retro styled pieces.
Can a client bring their own design to be made?
Yes, I always look at the functionality of the piece of jewellery I am making, the overall design aesthetic and my client’s requests in terms of their lifestyle. I can then advise accordingly; sometimes designs need to be altered slightly to make it more suitable for a client with a very active lifestyle. Some designs are great in concept but need something extra in terms of long lasting wearability.
What is the first step when booking a design consultation with Made of Mettle?
Email me with your ideas and we can arrange a convenient time to meet, I will also email you some questions so I can be as prepared as possible for our first consultation.

Do you charge a consultation fee?
No, after the initial consultation, an estimate will be emailed to the client and if the client is happy, we will go ahead with the initial designs, these will cost a small fee which will be waived if the client goes ahead with the final design. A 65% deposit is required to start the piece with the remainder to be paid upon completion.

What if a customer has a set budget?
This is perfect, as it means it gives me an idea of what to advise my client. It is important for my clients to be comfortable with what they are spending, we can look at different designs, metal and gemstone options suitable to their budget.
Are there any specific materials, metals and stones that you work with?
I work in 9ct and 18ct white, yellow and rose gold, sterling silver and platinum. I work in semi- precious and precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, morganites, moissonites, opals and many more. I handpick the cut gemstones myself, insuring the best quality, colours and cuts and all my suppliers practice fair and ethical trade.
Can you design other jewellery, besides rings for a client’s special day? 
Yes, I create bespoke earrings and pendant for the bride and her bridesmaids for gifts to be worn on the day which can be kept as a keepsake of the special day as well as cufflinks and tie pins for the groom and groomsmen.

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Any final thoughts / advice for couples wanting custom pieces designed?
Give as much information as possible, be open to advice and to remember that this is something that will be worn for years to come.

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