Aimed at the extremely fashion conscious, trendsetting awe–inspiring women who lust over beautifully unique garments.

As the trade mark Blackeyed Susan ® suggests, the Thunbergia Alata is native to South Africa, this cheerful wild flower’s claim to fame is its lovely warm orange colour, contrasted with a dark centre. Blackeyed Susan ® reflects this ethos as our garments are both feminine yet “edgy”: “She is fashion forward, She is confident, She is willing to take risks, She is Blackeyed Susan ®”. Blackeyed Susan ® has been operating since 2009 and is based in Cape Town South Africa.
We are extremely passionate about designing and making clothing! The fit, Quality and Design are so important to us. We endevour to source only the finest quality fabric to craft all Blackeyed Susan Pieces. All of our garments are designed and produced in the Blackeyed Susan Studio in Cape Town South Africa. Blackeyed Susan ® Clothing consists of the mother & daughter team of Helena & Melissa Roos. Melissa Roos Graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2007 with a National Diploma: Fashion Design.
Blackeyed Susan ® aims to offer uniquely designed garments that stand apart from the international offering, manufactured to high quality standards produced on our shores by our own people. We strive to train and empower our seamstresses and craftsmen to take pride in their work as the source of their livelihoods. The South African garment industry has seen an alarming amount of foreign fashion being brought to our shores, this puts a tremendous strain on South Africa's local fashion design talent, production and job creation. In the midst of this new reality Blackeyed Susan ® has seen a niche for exclusive high end fashion that is not mass produced and stereo typical. "... a garment of praise, instead of a spirit of despair..." Isaiah 61:3
Blackeyed Susan is proud to be a part of the LoveZA BuyZA Campaign...
It’s about highlighting the amazing talent in South African industries. It’s about getting the public excited about South African design and manufacturing and reminding them how proud they should feel to own it! And it’s about keeping jobs here, and not shipping them overseas.